Klevgrand – PressIt 1.0.0 (VST, VST3) [Win x86 x64]

Year / Release Date : 12.2017
Version : 1.0.0
Developer : Klevgrand
Developer’s website : Klevgrand
Format : VST, VST3
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tablet : cured beta testing of VR treatment
System requirements : Windows 7+ with SP1 or higher

Description : PressIt is a very complex dynamic tool, best used as the main plugin or for tuning the master bus. It works great on drums, but background vocals or with other things will work well.
PressIt consists of three compressors that operate independently of each other. They feed on the low, middle and high frequency range of the incoming audio signal. Compressor units consist of our unique Korvpressor algorithm, developed in conjunction with the engineers of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. They neatly form three signals (with full control), and then sum it back. Before the audio comes out of the plugin, it is processed by an additional bric-stop limiter to prevent digital distortion.

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