Latest Vst Banks Vol. 001 [Torrent] [623.16 MB]

99 Patches Massive Pads Textures Atmospheres WAV Ni Massive

Patchworx 59 Classic House Synths WAV MiDi Ni Massive

Sample Magic EDM Spire Patches MiDi Spire Presets

Sample Tweakers Sylenth EDM Bounce FXB

Technique Sounds Deep House VST Synth Preset Collection MiDi FXB KDS Spire

BazzaBeats Da Trap Sylenth1 Bank

BazzaBeats Sylenth1 Bank TRAP-EDM

BWB Radioactive Sylenthbank V1

Function Loops Tropical House For Spire

IndustryKits Synths Of Choas V2 NI Massive Trap TakeOver Massive PresetBank

IP SOUNDLAB Maschine Guru Sessions Volume 1 for Maschine

Leap Into The Void Dronos Of Meta For Native Instruments Massive NMSV

Mainroom Warehouse Stadium EDM Drops 2 For Spire WAV MiDi SBF SPF

Molgli Ultimate EDM Synths Vol.3 For Spire

Nano Musik Loops 50 Trance Pads Vol.2 Sounds For Sylenth FXB FXP MiDi

P5 Audio Beat Chemist For Ni Maschine WAV MXGRP

P5 Audio Gangs Of NYC For Ni Maschine WAV MXGRP

P5 Audio Hood Runnas NYC For Ni Maschine WAV MXGRP

Pathogen Sylenth1 Contagion Essential EDM 4 For SYLENTH1

ProSoundz Ni FM8 Old School 90’s Bank

ProSoundz Ni Massive Dynasty X Presetbank

ProSoundz Ni Massive R&B Pleasures Bank

ProSoundz Ni Massive Trap Synths PresetBank

Prosoundz Sylenth1 Preset Banks Bundle 1-4

ProSoundz Sylenth1 Trap Presetbank

ProSoundz Vanguard Presetbank V1 FXB

ProSoundz Vanguard Presetbank V2

SM101 – Sylenth Lo-Fi Electronica Patches

Spartan Sounds 2015 Trance Euphoria Progressive Anthems For SPiRE

Trance Euphoria Future Uplifting Trance Vol.4 For Spire SBF SPF MiDi FLP

Vandalism Shocking Sounds 17 for Sylenth1 FXB

WeMakeDanceMusic – Heldens Banks Sylenth Massive

What About Ryan Enzed Spire Soundset WAV MiDi Spire

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