Latest Vst Banks Vol. 008 [Torrent] [2.90 GB]

Function Loops Punchpack for Virus Ti

Smash Up The Studio MIDI Keys Keyboard Riffs Of The 60s and 70s V3 MiDi

Twolegs Toneworks Analogue Explorations For Ultra Analog VA-2

Wave Alchemy Massive Deep House and Future Garage Ni Massive

Alonso Sound Thomas Gold Spire Soundset

Analog Factory FM8 Quasar For Ni FM8

Analog Factory Massive Henon For Ni MASSiVE

Analog Factory Razor Microscope For Ni RAZOR

Baltic Audio – Spire Essentials Vol 1 Future House and EDM Charts For SPiRE

Digital Fire FM8 Master Sounds For Ni FM8

Freak Blaster EDM Flavour For SPiRE

Freak Blaster Hybrid Scape For SPiRE

iCE Samples Old Studio Tuba KONTAKT VIP Members Only Exclusive PresetBank V1 KONTAKT

Leap Into The Void Fundamental For Ni MASSiVE

Plughugger Butch Techno Percussion WAV MASCHiNE FXPANSiON GEiST KiT

Plughugger VZone KONTAKT

Professor Sawtooth Massivobots For Ni MASSiVE

PT Sound Zebra Cinematic Tools For UHE ZEBRA2 H2P

Reveal Sound intros Spire Essentials Vol.2 For SPiRE

Schemawound Unstable Shadows For Ni RAZOR

Sick Twisted Minds Chord Progressions Vol 1 MiDi

Sick Twisted Minds Massive Complete Series For Ni MASSiVE

Sound Dust Pre Modernist Collection For OMNiSPHERE

Thee Author Pro Dubstep Energy For Ni MASSiVE

TTS Dune 2 Goa Full On and Progressive Trance For Dune 2

Tunecraft Sounds EDM Signature Series Vol 2 For Ni MASSiVE

WAProduction Top Chart EDM Sounds For Serum

WeatherM Dreamer For U-HE ZEBRA H2P

WeatherM Hypnotic Sylenth1 For SYLENTH1

WeatherM The Plane For Ni MASSiVE

WeatherM World Elements For iMAGE LiNE HARMOR FST

WMS Serum Essentials Dubstep For XFER RECORDS SERUM FXP MiDi

WMS Serum Essentials Electro House For XFER RECORDS SERUM FXP MiDi

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