Latest Vst Banks Vol. 018 [Torrent] [2.10 GB]

Audentity Future House and EDM Presets WAV FXB NMSV SBF

Class A Samples Future House Superstar Patches FXB NMSV

Converted patches in omnisphere2

EDM Labs Future Chill for Massive MiDi NMSV

Engineering Samples Progressive Movement Sylenth1 Presets Vol.1 FXB

Evendyne Massive Sounds Of Tomorrow NMSV

Loopmasters Artists Live 100 Racks ABLETON LIVE

Mainstream Future Midi House WAV MiDi NMSV

Out Of Your Shell Sounds Shell Breaking Melodies Vol.1 MiDi

Output Deep and Bass House Sylenth Presets FXB

Sonicwire Hatsune Miku Glitch Vocal Tool Ableton Live 9.1.6+and Max For Live

Spartan Sounds Essential Future Bass and Brostep Kit WAV SPiRE

Aiyn Zahev – Transitions Vol 1 for u-he Diva

Audiomodern Connection For SYLENTH1 FXB

Best Service Extended Classical Choir Keyswitched KONTAKT

Biome Digital Future Bass And Chords For Ni MASSiVE NSMV

Coxys – Zebra 2.5 Trance Essentials Trance

Equinox Sounds – Trance Monster NI Massive Soundbank

Fox Samples Sylenth Of Double W For SYLENTH1 FXB


Future Loops Dubstep Focus Serum

Gain Stage Audio Future House For Ni MASSiVE NSMV

GOGOi Sounds The One Future Electro For Ni MASSiVE SYLENTH1 FXB NMSV MiDi

Hyperion Future Beats For Ni MASSiVE NSMV

Impact Soundworks Furia Staccato Strings KONTAKT

Loopboutique Melbourne Bounce For Massive NMSV

Loopboutique Massive Attract Trance For Ni MASSiVE NMSV

Loopboutique Sub Zero SFX For Sylenth1 FXB

Nano Musik Loops 50 Summer Dance Chords MiDi

Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Velvet Lounge

Party Design Abstract EDM Sounds For SYLENTH1 FXB MiDi FXP NMSV

Party Design Abstract EDM Sounds Midi Loops MiDi FXP NMSV

PdH Factory Voice of Monks KONTAKT

Plughugger The Second Renaissance for u-he Diva

Red Sounds Station Drums KONTAKT

Renegade Psylenth Vol.1 For Sylenth1

Snow Audio PULSE for Omnisphere OMN

Sound DUST Modular Chaos Engine v1.1 Found KONTAKT

Tone2 – Electra2 EDM & Pop Presets

Trance Euphoria Huge Uplifting Trance Club Anthems For REVEAL SOUND SPiRE MiDi SBF SPF

TTS – Zebra2 Trance Lead Recreations

Vandalism Shocking Tropical House For Ni MASSiVE NMSV

Vip Soundlab Presents – Monster Chops & Banging Break Drums 3 Ni Maschine

Converted patches in omnisphere2-INFO-

Now you can easily install lots of patches collections which were in omnisphere1 format inside omnisphere2. All patches collections have been converted in omnisphere2 format so that’s much more easier to install.

Here is the package content:

– 39 patches collections converted in omnisphere2 format (look at the list below for details)
– 3 patches collections already in omnisphere2 format (look at the list below for details)
– pdf file to explain how to install

Don’t forget that in few of the collections you’ll have presets (for envelope, arpegiattor or rack fx) that you can install (optional). (see the pdf file to know how to do it)

Audiority Dancesphere

Audiority Driving Force

Audiority Omniscapes

Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic

Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic II

Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic III

Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic IV

Audiority Omnisphere Collection Vol 1

Audiority Omnisphere Modern EDM

Audiority Trapsphere

Colarium Sounds – Cosmic Arpeggiators

ILIO Ascension

ILIO EDM Eclipse Lunar

ILIO EDM Eclipse Solar

ILIO EDM Ignition


Movie Music Omnisphere Edition

Mr Amine Hollysphere

Omnisphere Horizon

Plughugger – JP8K Legends

Plughugger – UltraVirus

Plughugger Bassphere Complete

Plughugger Deity

Plughugger Deity VA

Plughugger Lounge Electro

Plughugger The Coil

Plughugger World of Sin

PlugInGuru OmniChill

PlugInGuru OmniPulse

PlugInGuru Omniverse 1

PlugInGuru Omniverse 2

PlugInGuru TOXIC Omnisphere


PULSE Melodic

PULSE Percussion

Spheres Of Destiny

Uneek Sounds – Dark and Dirty

Uneek Sounds Synthetic For Omnisphere

Waveformless Encompass

Plughugger Atari Avalon

PlugInGuru Airwave V101


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