Mega Samples Vol.003 [Torrent] [11.12 GB]

5PIN MEDIA Trance Forms Vol 2 Drums and FX (Multiformat)

Trance Forms Vol. 2 – Drums & FX brings you fresh punchy drum sounds, massive swirling FX and state of the art MIDI all creatively designed to supercharge your Trance and Progressive House productions to the next level.

Drums & FX features 190 MIDI files covering kits, snare fills and rolls, kick fills and rolls, percussion, hihats, shakers, tops and clap fills combined with 368 Acid Wav Loops, 390 Rex Files, 103 FX Loops, 226 Single Drum Hits and 5 Drum Kits in NNXT, EXS24, Battery 2, Live 8 Drum Racks, Halion Kontakt 3 and SFZ formats.

Whether it be Big Room Trance, Progressive, Psy or Minimal the flexibility of the MIDI set to the tempo of your choice combined the dynamic set of loops and samples will not disappoint. All the sounds, with the exception of musical parts, featured in the audio demos are sourced from the pack. The musical elements are all sourced from Trance Forms Vol. 1 – Musical Elements which is also available on this site. As a bonus we have added construction kit 6 MIDI from vol.1 to get you started. All loops are set to a genre friendly 137 bpm but with the versatility of Rex Files and MIDI feel free to speed up or slow down.

Almost all of the hihat loops were recorded using step sequenced patterns on the Jomox Xbase09 and Roland TR909 drum machines to capture each instruments natural groove and feel while undergoing minimal processing to allow for any stereo widening or EQ to be added later to suit the mix.

The 33 Kicks have all been carefully shaped with EQ and compression to slot into a track and work without fuss not to mention the variety of claps and snares again designed to drop right in with both dry and effected versions provided for flexibilty.

Sonic candy is a must for any dance floor destroyer and this serving sets out to provide a balance of unique sounds combined with bread and butter white noise wooshes, both dry and effected, with some sidechained variants for added spice.

The 103 FX Loops have been catagorized into “Going Up, Coming Down, Kick Bombs, Textures, Passing By and Reverse Cymbals for easy searching and have been cut to exact 137 bpm bar lengths but not strictly rendered as loops.

5Pin Media Classic House Pianos MULTiFORMAT

To celebrate the Piano’s many years of loyal service to House music, 5PIN MEDIA proudly presents the CLASSIC HOUSE PIANO sample and MIDI pack. So dust off those ebony and ivory keys with the unique 5PIN formula of MIDI, samples and loops of the best chords and riffs for that truly authentic House Piano sound and vibe. All of the sounds have been expertly crafted, moulded and captured in pristine 24 bit audio using a combination of original synths such as the Korg M1 and Yamaha DX7 (both synonymous with the Classic House Piano Sound) and high end plugins.

Accompanying the 50 loops in Acidized Wav and Rex2 formats sounds are over 100 meticulously programmed MIDI loops at 120 and 125 bpm for maximising the use of the 11 sampler patches provided (Kontakt, NNXT, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ formats). Included is a folder of custom made Groove Templates giving users the option of applying alternative grooves. As an added bonus you can also use the MIDI loops to play any MIDI synth or sampler in either hardware or software form.

Beatserv Baby Breakz MULTIFORMAT

Genre(s) Big Beat, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, Slow Breaks

Baby Breakz is a collection of live recordings performed by grown-up drummers (Matt Cordier, Corey McCafferty) on a child’s drumset. Performances focus on classic breakbeats and include multiple played and processed variations of 16 distinct beats. All recordings were done using Lavry Blue conversion, AEA, Peluso, and modified Oktava microphones. Baby Breakz comes in 24-bit WAV, .rex, and Apple Loops formats.

Additional Information
Beat Sets 16
Number of Loops 127
Loop Formats .rex, 24-bit WAV, Apple Loops

Beatserv Bombs And Bits 2 Multiformat

Bombs And Bits 2 is a meticulously designed sample library of epic low end blasts and warped, yet elemental, percussion. A continuation of our top selling soundpack, Bombs and Bits 2 includes 36 samples in Battery 3 and Live Pack formats. 24-bit WAV files are also included.

Beatserv Dark Downtempo 1 MULTiFORMAT

A collection of sophisticated downtempo beats with hints of timed vinyl effects and manipulated ambience. An instant classic for the chillout set.

Beatserv Dark Downtempo 2 MULTiFORMAT

A continuation of our top seller from Series 1, Dark Downtempo 2 expands upon an already classic approach to the chill out beat. Timed vinyl and tape artifacts mesh with carefully placed ghost notes and all original samples to create yet another essential set. This download pack contains 10 beat sets with a total of 94 loops, each in 24-bit, 44kHz WAV, .rex, and Apple Loops formats. 37 additional samples are provided as 24-bit wav, and a Native Instruments Battery kit.


Dope as fuck was our initial reaction. Constructed by acclaimed producer Andrew Sega (Iris, The Alpha Conspiracy, Stromkern), Ocular features big, hard-hitting, but decidedly intricate beats. This download pack contains 9 beat sets with a total of 61 loops, each in 24-bit, 44kHz WAV, .rex, and Apple Loops formats. 41 additional samples are provided as 24-bit wav, and a Native Instruments Battery kit

Beatserv Residence Multiformat

We spent years studying the darkest corners of the hippest Chicago clubs to bring you these 10 sets of fresh house loops. We used Beatserv technique to add updated flavor to a bumpin’ old-school sound. Each beat provides a versatile foundation for bouncing house basslines, disco synths, exultant vocals, and string hits. But there’s no need to limit these to house music. We designed the loops to bring life to just about any project, without sounding generic. The Residence download includes 10 beat sets, varying in tempo from 120bpm-130bpm, each with a basic foundation loop and progressive variations. All loops are provided in 24-bit, 44kHz WAV, .rex, and Apple Loop formats

Beatserv Stridence Multiformat

A profusion of glitched and broken materials grudgingly come together to form the Stridence beat collection. Assembled by legendary electronic/industrial producer Wade Alin (Christ Analogue, Sister Machine Gun, Chemlab). This download includes 10 beat sets, each with several loops of varied clicks and glitches. All loops are provided in 24-bit, 44kHz WAV, .rex, and Apple Loop formats. For the true tweakheads, we’ve thrown in a construction kit for every beat, with hits and samples in 24-bit WAV format, providing endless variety in the Stridence pack.

Beatserv Syntax MULTiFORMAT

Electronica producer Bounte sliced and sequenced found sounds, field recordings, synth bits, and Beatserv studio samples into these diverse original grooves. This download pack contains 10 beat sets with a total of 82 loops, each in 24-bit, 44kHz WAV, .rex, and Apple Loops formats. 68 additional samples are provided as 24-bit wav, and a Native Instruments Battery kit.

Big Fish Audio Urban Contemporary Gospel

Urban contemporary gospel has steadily flourished on the world stage for several decades. Everybody knows that gospel music has had a heavy influence on many of today’s most popular genres of music. Producer, songwriter, and performer Elvert Waltower Jr. captures the essence of urban contemporary gospel in this one of a kind collection of construction kits. Having worked with such gospel greats as Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Ce Ce Winans, Tonex and many more, Elvert knows the heart of this contemporary gospel sound. Urban Contemporary Gospel includes instrumental loops that are characteristic of contemporary gospel music but also numerous vocal and lyrical phrases that define this everlasting genre.

34 construction kits – Each kit contains a main demo mix plus every element broken out as well as additional folders of drum hits and “drum tracks” from each kit. “Drum Tracks” give you access to the multi-track recordings of the individual parts of the drum mix.

Instruments Include:
Drums (electric and acoustic)
Bass (electric and synth)
Vocals (Solo and Choir)
R&B, Soul

Bluezone Corporation Orbital Transmission

Bluezone Corporation is proud to present ‘Orbital Transmission: Sci-Fi Sound Effects, Drones & Soundscapes’. With sounds of UFO landing, alien atmosphere, alarm, extra-terrestrial communication and intrusive spacecraft, this fascinating sound library will take you into a new audio dimension. In addition to film scores, soundtracks and audio games, this essential sample pack is well-suited for Ambient, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Breaks, IDM and Experimental tracks.

This new sound collection for modern music composers offers over 80 WAV sound FXs, futuristic soundscapes, dark Ambient textures and much more. ‘Orbital Transmission: Sci-Fi Sound Effects & Soundscapes’ holds over 300 MB of audio samples and is specifically designed to add finely crafted sound effects and dark ambiances in your future productions. Many of these samples are over 50 seconds long. Like all Bluezone Corporation sound libraries, this pack is royalty-free and does not require any additional costs or permissions – it’s 100% ready to be used in your commercial productions.

Suitable for styles such as: Breaks, Dubstep, Industrial, Ambient, Drum and Bass, Soundtrack, Game & TV series.

‘Orbital Transmission’ Contents:

• Sound FX / Drones / Soundscapes / Textures

Technical Specifications:
• Format: WAV
• Requires Winzip or similar utility to unpack
• Suitable for use in all major sequencers
• Royalty-Free with no extra cost
• Ready to use in commercial production

Delectable Records Excessive Bass (wav&rex2)

We know how hard it is to find a decent Bassline, so directly from the Delectable Studio’ we’ve done the hard work for you!

If you’re looking for completely original Deep Subs, bouncin’ sequenced Bass, hypnotic arpeggios topped off with some fresh Heavy weight percussion and effected Low-scapes you’ve come to the right place!

This sample pack will serve as an ongoing resource for all songwriters, demanding professionals as well as beginners seeking the best sounds for their productions.

All 16 bar loops are recorded at 125Bpm and are tuned in C, rich of sub-frequency and sounds below sub- bass (called infrasound), popular in dance music, where the low frequencies involve energy from the kick drum, the bass guitar and electronic synthesizers. Most dance music uses sub-bass, in particular: electro, techno, tech-house and minimal, where the majority of the basslines can often be in the sub-bass range.

This impressive library is suitable for electro, techno, tech-house to trance! And Contains: 100 Basslines, from simple to rhythmically complex loops; 50 Heavy Weight Percussion Loops and Effected Low-scapes; 25 Loud Effects and Pads; 50 One Shot Bass samples for you to create your very own sampler patches.

Prepare your system for some serious Studio work! We proudly present to you “Excessive Bass”, an experience into the modern depths, from warm and powerful to clean and deep basses, this collection covers everything from low-frequencies to hard techno bass that can slice through any mix, to smooth sub-basses, deep dub wobble basses, hypnotic

arpeggios and bouncing sequenced bass loops.

Equinox Sounds Psy Trance Explorations WAV Apple Loops

PSY TRANCE EXPLORATIONS contains professional tools for every producer, beginner or not. Inside the package you will find styles of Psychedelic Trance, starting from Full-On, going to Full-Power and ending at Tech-Trance.

The pack is loaded with top quality sounds and loops including Arps & Sequences, Basslines, Riffs, FX and One-Shots plus a folder featuring 27 Tech-Trance Loops that make this an utterly unmissable pack!

– 20 Arps & Sequences
– 22 Bass Loops
– 36 Riffs
– 27 Tech-Trance Loops
– 20 FX
– 50 One-Shots

– 44.1 kHz / 24-Bit
– All Royalty Free

– Apple Loops

Future Loops Beatdiggin [WAV]

Future Loops presents ‘Beatdiggin’, the second title from our Groove Series. ‘Beatdiggin’ is your deluxe source for rare, crusty and vintage funkadelic beats !

This extraordinary package of hundreds of dusty grooves is an homage to all the obsessive crate diggers and dedicated revivalists out there!. Inside you will find the freshest and most original collection of tight beats that sound straight from the crates!

Every beat in’Beatdiggin’ is a true original artefact.. We exceeded ourselves to bring you that pure organic authenticity and to feed all you funk-hungry crate diggers with phat, obscure and vinyl flavoured loops !

You’ll be shocked with the pure grooviness that’Beatdiggin’ has to offer ..These loops have so much soul they could shake the foundations of a skyscraper !

‘Beatdiggin’ is structured with the user in mind: Tempos range from 80BPM-110BPM: We created beats at 6 different tempos, and each beat is a precious gem ready to make your head nod!
• 450 Full Mix Beats: Beats come with 3 variations from the full mix
• 300 Fills: We know you love those funky intros , snare fills and wicked breaks!
• Over 1100 Loop Elements: All the individual loop components (kicks, snares, hats, percussion) in separate standalone loops for extensive usability and mixing control!

• Over 2300 Sliced Hits: We did all the work for you and provide you with all the beat slices so you can have 100% control of your grooves and develop completely new beats from scratch!

Don’t be afraid to get your fingers dirty! Get this dusty baby now!

Hy2rogen Dirty Electro and Bass WAV

Globetrotting electro/tech-house producer Hy2rogen needs little introduction. Handpicked by Steve Angello to remix ‘Tivoli’ on Size Records, Hy2rgen’s meteoric rise has been catalogued by releases on Defected and Ministry of Sound. S2S is proud to bring you his first exclusive sample library.

Jammed full of the essential ingredients to create an electro smash, the collection is dominated by the heavy, wobbly bass that has come to characterise Electro-House and Nu Disco.

The pack also features an XXL arsenal of transient-crunching drum hits, tops, fx, synths and vocals.

The collection includes 37 Bass loops, 175 Drum and Bass hits (kicks, hats, bass shots, nu perc, snare), 37 Perc and Kick-Free Tops, 9 Synths, 8 FX and 14 Vocal loops.

Drum Drops Indie Rock Drops – Songwriters Series Vol. 1 (wav&rex)

Indie Rock Drops from Drumdrops is yet another fantastic collection of supremely recorded live drum loops – recorded on vintage gear using valve mics and only the very best drummers.

If you are looking for new drum loops in an Indie, Pop or Rock style then look no further than this collection to inspire your next chart smash!

This fresh collection of real drums includes 17 different Rhythms recorded at different tempos between 64 – 172 Bpm, which all come with multiple variations of the same groove which you can use effortlessly to lay across a track for intros, verse, chorus and middle sections – giving your tracks that perfect live feel, rock solid timing and ambience.

You also get the kit samples if you want to program additional fills, edit and so forth – so this pack makes it a dream to work with and is excellent value for money – plus 100% royalty free.

If you make Indie Rock or Pop music and are looking for a fresh collection of perfectly recorded and played inspirational drum samples – you came to the right place.

Check out all the other Drum loop libraries from Drumdrops – best drum libraries in the world.

Industrial Strength BHK FX WAV KONTAKT

BHK FX is jammed packed with over 350 various effects. All the sounds effects in this pack are compiled from all of BHK’s sample packs. This pack contains 407 Mb of pure effects ranging from booms, reverse effects, swirls, rise’s, shimmers effects, modulated synth effects and much more.

This selection of samples offers all the effects from BHK’s ‘Rough Connections’ Volumes 1,2,3, ‘Tech House’, ‘Fidget’, ‘UK Mash Up’, and of course ‘Special Edition’ Volume 1, 2 and 3.

This effects pack contains everything you need to add that extra something in your production, remix or break down.

This 24 Bit sample pack is filled with weird FX, sweeps and mad special effects that can be used in any electronic music style. It also has 9 Kontakt 3 and 9 NN-XT kits which is great for layering sounds and textures to create your own custom effects.

If you’re looking for one sound effects pack to cover all your production needs BHK delivers it in one monster pack. Unlike many packs that provide the same sound with many variations of the same thing, BHK FX focus is on having more unique effects and sounds making this killer BHK effect pack a go to source for special effects and twisted sounds.

‘BHK FX’ is great for many genres including Drum n Bass, Dub Step, Grime,Techno, Fidget, Tech House, Electro, Hard Style and Hard Dance.

Loopmasters – Wave Alchemy – Electro House Underground

Fusing styles of electro, progressive and minimal house, the new Wave Alchemy sample pack Electro House Progressions offers over 500mb of cutting-edge 24bit material, expertly produced using a wide range of new and vintage analogue equipment.

As well as an excellent standalone product in its own right, this library is designed to work as an accompaniment to our hugely successful first release, Electro House Underground. The combined content of Electro House Underground and Electro House Progressions gives you access to a huge and ultimately complete collection of inspirational royalty free electro, progressive and minimal samples, influenced by the current underground dance music scene and its leading producers.
What’s included in the pack?
Blistering analogue basses, essential minimal stabs, crusty vintage synth loops and frantic minimal drum loop bliss. Original Roland TB-303 loops, crispy top loops, live percussion loops, sizzling synth FX and over 200 original drum hits and glitch percussion.
At Wave Alchemy we don’t compromise on quality and use only high end equipment ensuring everything is recorded in 24bit through high quality A/D converters.

Motion Samples Cl HouseWGrooves WAV

Take it back and get busy with the sounds of Classic House Warehouse Grooves that contains over 200 loops of deep bass lines with matching key melodies for a total of 100 jackin’ grooves. This library contains loops of rhodes, pianos, organs, synths and warm analog bass recorded from popular 80’s synthesizers and keyboards for that true classic sound. Whether you’re into soulful uplifting vibes or deep underground rhythms, this collection has something for every classic house lover

Mutekki Media Namzilla Loops WAV | 424MB

Sample libraries from Mutekki Media are not only prevalently used tools in the compositions and live performances of triumphant producers and DJs, sometimes they’re even the production force behind them. In case of „Namzilla“ it’s Berlin based well-known producer Namito who puts all his studio knowledge and sense for igniting sounds into his first ever sample collection, packed with far more than 500 precious loops.

Countless successful releases on renowned labels such as Great Stuff, Kling Klong, Yoshitoshi or Blu Fin and remixes for the likes of Martin Eyerer, Kosheen, Oliver Koletzki or Gus Gus show that this production wizard knows what burns on dancefloors worldwide. Apart from a multitude of versatile vocal, bass and percussion as well as drum loops, this library includes a special collection of oriental loops and vocals. It’s rarely been as easy to build modern deep to tech house tracks as with „Namzilla“.

Nano Musik Loops Zuzza Dance WAV MIDI

Zuzza Dance‘ from Nano Musik Loops features eight of the most current-sounding Dance Construction Kits, including MIDI files. Be inspired and add your vocals. You’ll find 67 WAV (dry and wet) and 30 MIDI loops for you to mix and match to create endless possibilities.

These loops and samples can be combined and rearranged in many ways. You can either drop the CD Audio quality WAV files directly into your project, or import the MIDI files and assign them to your favourite synth or sampler to be played back at any tempo, in any key.

Product Contents:
• 67 WAV Loops
• 30 MIDI Loops
• 24-Bit ACID/WAV (dry/wet)
• Royalty-Free
• Tempo 128 BPM
• Key: C, D, D#, F, G#

P5 Audio Dirty South Kryptonite [WAV]

Dirty South Kryptonite’ from P5 Audio provides all you producers and artists with another Dirty South weapon! This awesome pack features six quick-striking modern Construction Kits, ready to bring instant inspiration.

Inspired by super producers such as Lex Luger, all of these loops have been crafted to make you sound like a Dirty South super hero!

Product Features:
• 6 Construction Kits
• 67 Individual Loops total (268 loops including all formats)
• Inspired by the music production of Lex Luger and other Dirty South artists

All parts are separated including percussion, bangin’ Southern multi-track drums, Dirty South synths, booming bass lines, vocal chants, fFX, and more. All tempos and key signatures have been provided in these Royalty-Free music loops!

P5audio Atlanta Burning Dirty South Loop Sets

tlanta is on FIRE! We’re talking total scorched earth policy! No doubt, the hottest Hip Hop is coming out of the ATL these days, and P5audio is adding more fuel to the fire with these 15 bangin’ royalty free loop sets. Inspired by southern greats such as Waka Flocka Flame, Lex Luger, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Drummer Boy and more, these are some of the hardest hitting Dirty South loops you will find on the market! Get ready to set your production on fire!!!

This product features…

15 royalty free construction loop sets.

Over 120 individual loops total!

All instruments are seperated and multi-tracked, giving you complete mixing and matching freedom among all the loops.

Instrumentation includes: custom built hard hitting drums, electric guitars, basses, booms, brass, synths, keyboards, vox chants, fx and more!

Includes all the modern Dirty South style fixin’s like Dirty South drum rolls, synth leads, rockin’ guitar, fat brass stabs, killer arpeggios and more!

All key signatures and tempos are provided.

Prime Loops – Arabic Vibez [WAV]

Prime Loops’ latest sonic masterpiece “Arabic Vibez” brings you over 180 breathtakingly intense Arabic string hooks, chord progressions, instrumental arrangements and lots, lots more! Whether you’re looking to spice up your next blockbuster score, bling-out your club banger, officialise your game soundtrack or bring an eastern twist to any other project you’re working on, this inspiring batch of captivating flavours is right up your desert track!

As is the custom all over the Orient, this unique sound collection is guaranteed to give you a warm-hearted reception! Skilfully recorded and composed by Prime Loops’ one-and-only Jean Baptiste Lacaze this dramatic pack comes ready arranged into over 20 easy-to-scroll chapters, jam-packed with classic instrumentation such as the characteristic Oud, the comedic Shehnai, the seductive Duduk and much more. all are 24-bit quality and clearly labelled with many Arabian and Middle Eastern sounding scales and genre-busting tempos ranging from 80-150bpm.

Get ready for Prime Loops’ magic carpet ride and expose yourself to sensual rhythms right out of a steamy hammam, pristine flutes carried over by balmy desert winds or mysterious chimes straight from the oasis. Whether you wanna belly dance like Ofra Haza, get your Omar Souleyman stomp on or stir the sands of time like the Prince of Persia, this absolutely royalty-free sample pack will instantly add more than 1.001 Arabic twists to your productions.

Dance like a Dervish, swing like a Sultan, or walk like an Egyptian! “Arabic Vibez” will instantly enable you to explore the original musical landscapes and rich cultural traditions of the vast Eastern region – all at the humble price of a proper kebab feast and easier to handle than a waterpipe full of the tastiest sheesha flavours!

Producer Loops Supalife Tech-House AiFF MIDI

SupalifeTech House sets the standard yet again, bringing you FIVE multi-formatConstruction Kits packed full of minimal percussive top loops, FXbuilds & rises, vocal fragments, deep throbbing bass lines and more.MIDI, one-shots and a range of other professional features make this anutterly unmissable pack.

Eddy Beneteau has cemented himself asone of the most versatile and talented producers out there, and hasturned his hand to a number of styles to produce an astoundingly highquality line of products exclusively for Producer Loops.

SupalifeTech House continues this trend in the form of five royalty-freeConstruction Kits composed and produced to the highest standard.

Eachkit contains all of the elements necessary to recreate the main demomixes, from isolated drum parts to mind warping FX, dark & powerfulbass lines, pads and atonal phrases that characterise the Tech Housegenre.

As usual, each of these kits is given his own uniquetreatment, to create a pack which has all of the unmistakable hallmarksof the genre but with a sound all of its own.

Supalife TechHouse comes complete with all of the professional features youve cometo expect from Producer Loops. Read on to find out more!

Key and Tempo Tagging:
Aswith all Producer Loops products, the files in this pack include tempoand key information in the filename (as well as embedded within theformat) so you can see them at a glance. This is very useful for fastintegration with your existing projects.

MIDI Files:
MIDIfiles have been provided for the melodic synthesizer riffs (includingleads, pads and basslines). Therefore, if you want to put these melodiesthrough your own synthesizers or plugins then no problem, simply importthe MIDI file into your sequencer and select your own synth or pluginas the output.

Unlooped Riffs for Pro Producers:
Wehave included audio riffs that include reverb and delay tails for theprofessional producers out there. These do not loop because thereverb/delay tail can be up to 2 bars in length. These have beenprovided because sometimes you want the synthesizer lead part to fadeout during a breakdown, for example.

One-Shot Samples:
Over150 melodic and percussive one-shot samples are included (across allfive kits) allowing you to create your own sampler patches to usealongside the included musical content. Ranging from pads, basses andlead sounds to percussion, drum and FX samples, youll find plenty hereto augment this stunning set of Construction Kits.

Dry and Processed Loops:
Wehave included dry and processed (wet) versions of the loops for mostparts, to give you ultimate flexibility when mixing these into yourtracks. Beginners will want to use the wet versions, whereas theintermediate and advanced users will find the dry versions and MIDIfiles particularly useful.

Waveform Recordings – Expressive Synths Pt 1

Waveform continue their instrument-only series with 150 prime synth cuts featuring basslines, lead line riffs, percussive synth workouts and sustained melodics.

Waveform understands that no-one wants over-cooked sounds, that’s why all of these loops are served dry, giving you maximum headroom for all of your audio manipulation and creative ideas.
The collection is intuitively divided into four folders of bass, percussive, riffs and sustained. The bass folder delivers rich, deep and warm tones perfect for throbbing tech-house stompers. The percussive is loaded with rhythmic synth percussion and stabs workouts, perfect beat backers or lead supporters. Grab some instant melodic foley from the riffs folder, stacked with melodic riff rampages. Finally there’s the sustained folder containing drawn-out chord progressions and pad-like synth atmospherics to enrich the mix with lush harmonic content.
All loops are presented as pristine 24-bit Wav files and are key- and tempo-labeled (125 & 126bpm) for added ease.


Waveform Recordings – Glitched Vocals 2-wav

Glitched rhythm-rockers, melodious phrases, hypnotising vox workouts and more, all optimised to provide rich, warm and vinyl-esque vocal material for deep, tech and house producers.

Totaling 150 loops divided across folders of Basic, Female, Male, Non-Melodic and Rhythmic, the collection is stacked with funk, soul and disco-influenced vocal loops with a warm, scratchy feel, craftily processed to cut through the mix in all the right places.

What’s in the collection?

Basic Loops > 15 one word loops (say, : perfect rhythmic vox elements ripe for all manner of elongated processing.

Female and Male Loops > 45 Female and 36 Male mangled, layered, pitched and panned melodic-soaked loops with soul, gospel and funk tinges – perfect melodic inspiration or ready to rock on an existing dub workout.

Non-Melodic Loops > 21 craftily-processed vocal snatches flawlessly looped and primed to slot seamlessly into the mix.

Rhythmic Loops > glitched and twitched top-vox perfect for adding humanistic tones to your rhythm section.

Waveform Recordings Victor Calderone & Mike Frade: Tech House 2 (WAV)

The highly anticipated follow-up to one of the best-selling packs of 2010, Mike Frade and Victor Calderone return with an essential selection of gritty analogue beats, funk-flexed music loops, tech tops, percs , glitched vox and more.

The highly anticipated follow-up to one of the best-selling packs of 2010, Mike Frade and Victor Calderone return with an essential selection of gritty analogue beats, funk-flexed music loops, tech tops, percs , glitched vox and more.
Waveform Recordings is run by Mike Frade and Victor Calderone, whose residencies at New York’s infamous Limelight, Crobar and Pacha clubs have cemented his status as one of the top-ranking DJ/producers in the world.
What’s in the collection?
Beat Loops – 82 raw and gritty rhythm workouts with kick-free tops and variants for total production ease.
Bass Loops – 21 deep and detailed sub-slappers for instant bottom-end beef.
Glitch Vox Loops – Choice serving of 22 tweaked male and female vocal grooves for instant topline character.
Funk Loops – 24 mixed musical workouts covering sax, keys, guitar and more. Many with variants.
Music Loops – 35 synth-based rhythmic riffs, all built to inspire.
Percussion Loops – 21 mixed percussionisms for dynamic drum workouts.
Tops Loops – 35 kick-free tech-tinged tops – just load a kick for an instant rhythm-rocker.
Drum Hits – 52 prime kicks, claps & snares, cymbals & hats and percussive hits dripping with raw, vinyl-infused character.


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