Mega Samples Vol. 004 [Torrent] [11.35 GB]

Big Fish Audio – Brush Artistry WAV

Brush Artistry is a collection of classic and contemporary drum loops and samples that feature the wonderful sound of brushes! This beautifully recorded library contains a full variety of organic brush patterns, including traditional swing, be-bop swing, ballad swing, jazz waltz, bossa nova, samba and country, as well as modern six-eight, folk, funk and latin styles. Each brush style is recorded at multiple tempos and includes full kit loops, intros, fills, endings and “snare only” tracks. The unique “snare only” track for each style and tempo can be used with the included drum kit samples (or use your own!) for endless brush track possibilities

Ambient FX Guitar Loops – Apple Loops

A 150 MB package containing 125 Apple Loops and files. A good recourse for creating cinematic atmospheres. Recorded with a Stratocaster and a Gibson humbucker pickup guitar, a Sovtek MIG-60 tube amp and a Marshall Lead Series cabinet. Many sounds rely on acoustic feedback in the performance room

Big Fish Audio Electro Magnetic Pulse REX2 WAV

Drop this bomb in your music and watch the resulting Electro Magnetic Pulse pound through your production leaving nothing in its wake but fried electronics and dancing bodies. This Breakbeat shockwave has enough Big Beat energy and Nu Skool pulse to make even the hardest productions even harder. Acclaimed producers Perry Geyer and Pirahna have recorded this pack of 21st century, schizoid loops and FX. Electro, Big Beat, Nu Skool Breaks, Mad House, hard, menacing beats; huge drums; filtered basses; panned out tweaks and morphing, annihilating, hallucinogenic loops are all in here. With 2 CDs of WAV and REX files, these loops are not only perfect for your music, but they’ll also add something hardcore to your next film score. Light the fuse, but make sure you’re ready for the aftermath, cause EMP is going to knock out everybody’s system for miles!

Big Fish Audio Rock Heaven Drums-WAV

This is the CD you reach for when you crave straight up solid Rock Drums- the collection you’ll use to write that hit song or killer jingle. We’ve tasted these juicy samples in real production and they’re wicked. This collection hits you with solid rock loops

Big Fish Audio Hip Hop Drum Pak MULTiFORMAT – DYNAMiCS

A necessity for any hip hop producer is a quality collection of drum hits. That’s why we’ve provided you with the Hip Hop Drum Pak. Foundational for any style of hip hop production,this is a great set to start your collection or fill out the library of drum sounds you’ve been working on for some time.

The basic essentials in this assortment consists of deep and punchy kicks, snappy and crispy snares, sizzling and sexy hats.Then we round it out with claps, percussion, shakers, crashes, toms, and a large menu of reversed hits. This product also comes with preset patches in 7 different formats. Open up a “menu” to find the perfect drum hit you are looking for, or open up one of the 25 different pre-made kits for instant inspiration. Whatever your use for the Hip Hop Drum Pak may be, we are sure you’ll find it a valuable asset when quality and professional hip hop beats are needed.

9 folders of drums hits including reversed sounds which include 6 sub-folders of samples:
125 kicks
79 snares
61 hi-hats
28 claps
66 percussion
24 shakers
22 crashes
23 toms
25 reverse crashes
23 reverse hats
20 reverse kicks
18 reverse percussion
15 reverse shakers
32 reverse snares

25 preset drum kit patches
15 drum hit menu patches (which coincide with the list above)

All patches have been duplicated in these 7 formats:
Kontakt 2 (requires Kontakt 2.0 or later)
Halion 3 (requires Halion 3.0 or later)
Battery 3 (requires Battery 3.0 or later)
MachFive 2 (requires MachFive 2.0 or later)
NN-XT (Reason)
REDRUM (Reason)

Bluezone Corporation – Tribal House Drumloops Pack

If you are looking for House and Tribal drum loops, this pack is made for you. Filtered loops, twisted percussion and dirty drums which received a very precise mastering are available in this volume.
All of the loops were recorded in 136 bpm of high quality and are ready to be used. A slightly salty style and very refined sounds for those who enjoy this style.
The pack is in WAV and AIFF with 128 drum loops and 232 drums.
Suitable for styles like : Tribal House, Progressive House, Deep House, Funky House, House, Deep House and Techno.

Diginoiz Synth Style Sounds 2 MULTiFORMAT – SYNTHiC4TE

‘Synth Style Sounds 2’ is the second part of our synth collection that includes warm, melodic and catchy synthesizer loops. All of them were made on Acces Virus Ti with attention to details. Loops included in this sample pack are ready to be used in Your Urban / Pop style productions and compositions. ‘Synth Style Sounds 2’ contains 50 loops, over 500 Mb multi-format loops (90-95 BPM) in urban / hip hop / pop genre!

‘Synth Style Sounds 2’ contains 50 loops, 501 Mb, multi-format material (24-bit WAV, REX, 24-bit Acid, 24-bit AIFF, 24-bit Reason 4.0 ReFill and 16-bit WAV) ready to use in your favorite sampler or sequencer, both hardware and software, including: Logic, GarageBand, Soundtrack, Digital Performer, Sony Acid, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools, Stylus Rmx, Emagic EXS24 and many more.
All loops & samples in this library are licensed to you ‘Royalty-Free’ so you can use them in your commercial compositions with no extra costs.

DMS Electro House Toolkit 2

The sequel to our smash-hit DMS Electro House Toolkit is finally here! We know you’re going to love this pack: it’s our answer to the huge numbers of requests which have been piling in for deeper, harder basslines. This is definitely one for the bassheads: we kick things off with 30 original bassline MIDI files that you can grab and use for whatever purpose you like. Manipulate the notes, make your own fills, tweak and edit: it’s up to you and it’s all completely royalty-free. For more information about the flexibility of MIDI see our FAQ section.
On top of that, we have 20 ready-to-use bass audio loops with all the production done for you: just drag and drop. You won’t get caught out here either – you own the files as soon as you purchase the pack. Not enough for you? How about 30 of the hardest, nastiest bass patches you’re likely to hear for Novation’s popular V-Station synthesizer? These have been crafted with you in mind: no filler, just bass. All of the bass sounds in the demo down there were created using these V-Station presets as raw material: we’re sure you’ll find hundreds of ways of layering, effecting and manipulating these great patches as well.

DMS Hardstyle Manipulation Vol 1 WAV

UK hardstyle label Nutty Trance issue this awesome hardstyle sample pack with over 300 royalty-free Hardstyle samples for instant use in your productions. Includes banging kick drums, screaming leads, phat basslines, crunchy loops and bonus presets for the VST synth Z3TA+! A perfect companion to their Hardstyle MIDI pack
Content: 35 Kick Drums, 31 Hard Kicks, 19 Reverb Kicks,
25 Cymbals, 21 Claps,
22 Hi-Hats, 15 Snares
15 Bassline Loops
31 Drum Loops
20 Lead Synth Samples
30 FX
11 Z3TA+ Presets

Equinox Sounds – Modern Orchestra MIDI Melodies

Equinox Sounds has released Modern Orchestra MIDI Melodies, a downloadable collection that features 30 orchestra instrument MIDI melodies for piano, string and wind instruments that they tell us are suitable for a wide variety of modern music styles like Hip Hop, Dance, House, R&B, Pop etc…
Modern Orchestra MIDI Melodies also includes 15 melodies in WAV and Apple Loops formats.
An Equinox Sounds spokesman told us, “As these patterns are supplied in MIDI format, they will provide you with as much flexibility as possible. You can edit and transpose them, assign any sound you want and get your own and original melodic lines. The editing possibilities are endless as you can play the performances at any tempo or pitch without artefacts. You can use these MIDI files as a jumping-off point to start your own track or base your production entirely around them as they are 100% royalty free.”
30 Orchestra Instrument MIDI Melodies
15 WAV Melodies
15 Apple Loops Melodies

Future Loops – NYC Nightz (WAV)

Future Loops presents NYC Nightz, a collection of supreme Hip Hop construction kits that are ready to seduce the charts !
Filled with all the elements you need to produce silky Hip Hop & RNB tracks, NYC Nightz strikes a balance between classic “from the heart” hooks and modern loop elements . In the streets of NYC Nightz the grooves are smooth and the melody is king…
NYC Nightz was developed in depth to bring you : heart-pounding Beats, mellow paced Basslines, lush Strings , stunning Piano and Rhodes lines , dramatic Synths & Leads and more!
The Kits in NYC Nightz are huge and ready to go ! Tempos range from 60 to 80 BPM, just how you like them .
From East to West, North to South, NYC Nightz is an essential sample pool of soulful Hip Hop & RNB .
Here’s what you can find inside NYC Nightz:
Full Drum Loops ( each beat includes variations )
Standalone Loop Elements ( Kicks , Snares , Claps , Hats as individual loops for total drum mix flexibility )
– Bass loops
– Guitar loops
– Synth loops
– Pads loops
– Lead loops
– Piano loops
– Rhodes loops
– Keys loops
– Strings loops
311 WAV Loop

Fox Samples – Certified Radio Hits-Multiformat

Certified Radio Hits’ from Fox Samples features five hot blazin’ Construction Kits. This set is perfect for producers looking for hot Construction Kits inspired by chart-topping Radio hits such as Usher, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, and Lady GaGa, along with other artists who bring that vibe with their music.
‘Certified Radio Hits’ includes all MIDI files. It’s time to blast the sound up with ‘Certified Radio Hits’! These awesome Construction Kits provide you with that current sound that is shakin’ the clubs and the charts today!
• 780 MB of content
• 100% Royalty-Free
• All keys and tempos are included
• Pop Electro House
• MIDI files
• Apple Loops
• REX Loops
• WAV/Acid Loops (24-Bit audio quality

GForce – On The Rhodes

On The RhodesThe term legendary is particularly over-used when referring to vintage musical equipment. However, no one would deny that the Fender Rhodes Electric Piano deserves not only legendary status but also that of being one of the most coveted and influential keyboard instruments of the last 35 years. The inventor, Harold Rhodes, first began making musical instruments in the 1940s, initially developing a type of electric xylophone which was, oddly enough, constructed from bits of aluminium tubing salvaged from B17 bombers. In the early 1960s and in conjunction with Leo Fender, Harold Rhodes developed the Fender Rhodes Piano Bass, which was based around a small 32 note keyboard which utilised the principal of striking aluminium tubes or tines to create the distinctive sound. A short while later, in 1965, the first full size Fender Rhodes was born – the Suitcase 88. Although over the years various model names have come and gone, one thing has remained constant throughout all of the Rhodes guises, its unmistakable sound. Used by artists from Chick Corea to Portishead and Steely Dan to Stevie Wonder, the Fender Rhodes has truly helped shape the last 30 years of modern music. The PlayersArden Hart is a genuinely gifted musician. Unbelievable is the phrase often used to describe his ability. There are some players who are born with perfect pitch, never drop a note and have an ability that the rest of us can but listen and attempt to learn from, Arden sits at the top of this category.Arden’s favourite instrument is his Rhodes Stage 73, which features on this CD,and his credits, to name but a few, include Carleen Anderson, Brand New Heavies, Chaka Khan, Pasedenas and James Mason.Dave Spiers programming and recording contributions to this CD have been crucial. Although more programmer than true musician, Dave still keeps his hand in when it comes to Rhodes riffs and licks. However, given both the virtuosity and enormous input from Arden, he’d be the first to admit his own musical contributions to this CD were minimal. A ‘world first’ in terms of sample CDs. This disc offers you the choice of THREE individual formats: “Over 300 MIDI loops”Over 300 WAV and AIFF audio loops”Multi-sampled SoundFont Rhodes (one normal and one with tremolo

KreativeSounds ShortCircuit Drum Loops MULTiFORMAT

Kreativ Sounds’ ShortCircuit Drum Loops is a collection of 48 sci-fi, twisted and wierd drum loops ranging from 56 BPM to 140 BPM. These oxidized drum loops have been obtained through extensive audio manipulation, filtering and distortion. Do you lack inspiration? Do you need fresh drums? Let ShortCircuit Drum Loops to spice up your tracks!

Each loop is a signature sound on its own, you’ll NOT find multiple processed variations of the same loops, all are original (created and recorded by UncleT and Kreativ Sounds) and all are royalty free.
ShortCircuit Drum Loops features:
48 original, granulated, re-sampled and funky drum loops as 44KHz/24bit RX2 and ACIDized WAVs, virtually compatible with all audio software, hardware sequencers or groove boxes;
the loops are optimized for Sony ACID, Adobe Audition, Ableton Live and Propellerhead Reason

M-Audio ProSessions vol.4 World beat cafe-Multiformat

World Beat Cafe offers a steamy tropical blend of Caribbean and Brazilian rhythms, including full and partial-mix grooves and variations to build song sections. This collection emphasizes popular Latin percussion instruments including congas, quintos, tumbas, timbales, cowbells, handbells, bongos, claves, agogo bells, triangles, chekeres, and a variety of shakers and ganzas. Also featured are lesser-known percussion instruments such as surdo, pandeiro, tamborim, Udu, ankle bells, cajon, and more.

M-Audio ProSessions vol.17 Adrenelin guiters-Muktiformat

AdrenaLinn Guitars is a tour de force of guitar playing, processing and editing by musician/author Craig Anderton.From ambient-friendly arpeggios to soul-ripping sounds for hardcore techno, AdrenaLinn Guitars delivers almost 700MB of fresh, creative, carefully crafted loops. With Roger Linn’s innovative AdrenaLinn processor serving as a sonic foundation, each loop takes on rhythmic, animated characteristics that are perfectly at home in dance, pop, hip-hop, and other modern musical styles. The result is a novel integration of synthesis with the human, organic qualities of the guitar.

M-Audio ProSessions vol.48 – Hella Bumps 3 [AIFF, REX2, WAV]

From the number-one selling producer of Hella Bumps Discs 1 and 2, Hella Bumps Disc 3: West Coast Concepts continues to bring you neck-snappin’, trunk rumblin’ hip hop loops with a West Coast flava. In addition to a ton of bangin’ loops in standard formats, you also get kick and snare hits for creating your own drum kits. Hella Bumps Disc 3 is your license for disturbin’ the peace.

M-Audio Pro Sessions Vol 24 Rock Pop Guiter Toolbox-Multiformat

Pop/Rock Guitar Toolbox lets you add tasty rhythm and lead guitar to your tracks in styles spanning funk, pop, R&B and blues. Each groove comes with multiple variations on melody and/or tonality for maximum flexibility. Alternate a crisp, clean take for the verse with a crunchy version for the chorus. Or alternate the melody lines to let your track breathe and evolve. Add that essential guitar vibe to your next song.

M-Audio Pro Sessions Vol.42 Funky Beats Loops KONTAKT

Solid, slammin’, funky drums and percussion from the production team at Discrete Drums. Drum performances include multiple song segments for wide-open arrangement possibilities. Percussion loops are “discrete” with each element delivered separately, as well as mixed into easy-to-use tracks – so you can roll your own loop mixes or use ours.

Ace session drummer Greg Morrow and premiere percussionist Eric Darken are produced by Rick DiFonzo (Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Belinda Carlisle, Joan Osborne) and engineered by Steve Marcantonio (John Lennon, J. Geils, Vince Gill, Heart) at Nashville’s famed Sound Kitchen.
– 44×24 bit wave samples.
– Cute lil GUI w/kontrols ta play with.
– All loops / 97 , 100 & 120 bpm.
– 5 nki presetz.

Nano Musik Loops Big Room Trance Chords Vol.03 – Multiformat

Big Room Trance Chords Vol. 03 Is The Third Installment From Nano Musik Loops Featuring 12 Of The Most Current-Sounding Trance House Construction Kits,Including MIDI Files. Taking Inspiration From The Euro House And Trance Scene, These 113 WAV, 113 REX2, 113 Aiff Loops And 57 MIDI Samples Are Ready To Mix And Match For Endless Possibilities.

These Phrases Are Best Suited To Trance And House Styles.

The Rhythmical Leads And Bassloops Elements In This Pack Will Slot Perfectly Into More Conventional Dance Productions As Well.
Product Contents :
. 12 Mini Construction Kits (Leadchords With Bass, Basslines, Piano And Pads)
. 113 WAV Samples (dry And Wet) 44.1 KHz/24-Bit
. 113 Aiff Samples (dry And Wet) 44.1 KHz/16-Bit
. 113 REX2 Samples (dry And Wet)
. 57 MIDI Files (Chords, Pads, Basslines And Bass)
. 2 DrumLoops WAV/REX2/Aiff Samples

P5Audio Big Baller Hip Hop WAV

These Hip Hop loops give you the Baller flavas from Coast to Coast. From NYC to Detroit and Chi Town to LA these music loops are inspired by some of the biggest Ballers of Hip Hop! Make some Ballin Tracks with Big Baller Hip Hop Loop Sets!

25 multitracked construction music loop sets
283 individual Hip Hop loops total!
Inspired by OutKast, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Nas and Rick Ross, Xzibit, Obie Trice and more!
All parts are separated including the hard hitting percussion, drums, synths, bass, keys, live funk and waa guitars, strings, brass and more.

P5Audio Dirty South Melodies Houston Edition WAV

WHAT IT DO! P5 Audio is the leader in online music production tools, and our Dirty South Houston Edition product keeps us on top! We’ve brought the sound of H-Town’s finest to your sampler. It has that grimy sound that makes you jump in the whip and just ride. The Dirty South Houston Edition includes 25 multi-track construction loop sets.

All of the parts are separated INCLUDING THE SCREWED VOICES! Yes, you read correct we have included screwed voices in this cutting edge product.
Your gonna get separated kick, snare, hi hat, percussion, fx, bass, keys, synth, guitar, and screwed voices totaling 250 individual custom loops.

Mix and match loops to created endless combinations.

This product IS the sound of major Houston Artists such as Slim Thug, Pall Wall, and Mike Jones!
As always we used high-end preamps and converters to give you the professional sound you’ve come to expect from P5 Audio.
All Royalty FREE loops are in wav file format, so they can be used in any hardware or software sampler that accepts wav files

Producer Loops Subtractive House Grooves MULTiFORMAT

Subtractive House Grooves is the first release from the Producer Loops Sample Label. It features a cool selection of the smoothest 24-bit house loops and samples around. This is a collection that no dance music producer should be without. The ultimate sample pack for smooth house has arrived! Subtractive House Grooves offers the discerning producer 24-bit royalty-free house loops and samples that will elevate your sound to another level. Take a listen to the demo and check it out for yourself.

Subtractive House Grooves is an essential buy for all serious house and minimal house producers.
* Loops Include:
• Drum Loops
• FX Loops
• Music Loops
• Percussion Loops
• Synth Loops
* Samples Include:
• Kick Drum Samples
• Percussion Samples
• FX Samples

PsySeeD & Speedsound – Psy Fullon Loops and Samples-wav

The latest Psytrance sample pack brought to you by PsySeeD & Speedsound. Weighting in at a massive 1.57 GB this sample library features 440 indispensible loops for Psy producers.

The loop library includes all of the elements that you’ll need to create full-on Psytrance tracks including rolling drum loops, pulsating basslines, twisted synths and stabs, eerie pads & oozing textures, mental FX, rockin’ guitars and insane vocals.

A special Korg Kaospad folder has been included featuring twisted psychedelic FX & textures to enhance your tracks.

The sample pack also includes a bonus MIDI section covering basslines and synths for you to integrate into your own Psy creations. This awesome collection of Psytrance loops is an essential tool for every Psy producers toolbox.
All loops are BPM labelled ready for instant use in your tracks

ShamanStems – Chicago House-wav

Jackin’ Chicago drum workouts, classic drum fills, funky acid-tinted basslines, vinyl-infused music loops, all-analogue synth hooks, warehouse-inspired vox, FX and drum hits in this 350MB house spectacular.
Dual Shaman, ceators of best-selling collections for S2S and Sample Magic open the taps on their new label with an inaugural release of classic Chicago grooves and vintage synth workouts to sum up the sound of the cutting-edge dancefloors across the globe.

What’s in the collection?

Drum Loops > Classic Chicago grooves and jackin’ house workouts from the hey-day of house, all offered in full, stripped and variant versions for total bat control.

Bass Loops > All-analogue lines and acid-laced bottom-ends for that old school jack.

Music & Synth Loops > Unabashed leads and vintage melodics to inspire modern house anthems.

Classic Fills > Pure analogue grooves seamlessly melded with discofied funky drumming to create all-original percussive passages.

Vox Loops > Glitched workouts and diva-infused utterances imbued with authentic depth and warmth – human touches with contemporary programming.

Drum Hits > Chunky kicks, live lounge hits, circuit-derived shots, cowbell, shakers and more. Unmissable beat-making elements.

FX & Ambiences Loops > Sonic naughtiness for builds and transitions – all bursting with depth and warmth.

All loops are sub-divided into tempo-linked folders at 125 and 127bpm; all melodic loops are key-labelled.

Sony Media Software R&B Drums Groove Spectrum [ACiD, WAV]

R&B Drums: Groove Spectrum is the funk drum groove encyclopedia. This is a virtual history of R&B, from it’s cold sweat beginnings to the machine-driven grooves of today’s smoothest R&B hits. R&B Drums includes classic acoustic kit drums, congas, and one-shots as well as modern machine grooves

Sony Creative Software Nigel Ayers Myths of Technology WAV

Influential, prolific, and uncompromising, Nigel Ayers chooses to remain underground even as his ideas are continuously appropriated by ambitious pop culture surface dwellers. Since founding the UK art music ensemble Nocturnal Emissions in 1980, Nigel has established an incredible discography of music that is as diverse as Nocturnal Emissions is durable. This library is a complete construction kit that contains previously unreleased beats and textures from the Nocturnal Emissions archive, as well as fresh new materials designed by Nigel exclusively for this collection. Machine music, electro-acoustic sound design, musique concrète, and all manner of noise-making coalesce here in Nigel Ayers: Myths of Technology – a collection of royalty-free sounds that no underground music producer will want to be without

Sounds To Samples Minimal Techno-wav

devastating drum, bass, top and robotic ambience loops Sounds to Sample return with this, the third of their exclusive and highly sought-after sample packs.
A speaker-freakin’ collection created by 6pod9, co-producer of the bestselling Sample Magic releases Electro House and Minimal & Tech-House.
The collection of 24-bit Wav loops comes in two tempo groups, 125 and 127bpm, and are divided into three catagories: beats, bass and bots (robotic vocals, rhythmic ambience and glitched kick-free loops).

SoundVibez DirtySouthBeats Vol.2 WAV

If you’re looking for the most authentic, up to date Dirty South and Urban sounds then this pack is for you. Combining grime with a superstar sheen, these rich and layered construction kits contain all of the elements you need to get clubs bouncing and stay head of the competition.

Detailed Contents:
6 Construction Kits (184 files)
ConstructionKit01_75bpm – (25 files)
ConstructionKit02_70bpm – (41 files)
ConstructionKit03_72bpm – (35 files)
ConstructionKit04_74bpm – (16 files)
ConstructionKit05_69bpm – (30 files)
ConstructionKit06_71bpm – (31 files)

The Loop Loft Funk Essentials Vol.1

Papa??™s got a brand new loop pack! The Loop Loft is proud to present Funk Essentials Volume 1, the ultimate set of funk drum loops. Over the course of eight different recording sessions, we produced a series of grooves inspired by everything from early Motown, spaced-out Funkadelic, dirty hip-hop, James Brown and everything else in between. With a staggering 129 loops to choose from, you??™ll have everything you need to funk up your tracks.

Number of Loops: 129
Tempo Range: 90-132 BPM
– 100% Royalty Free
– High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ Audio
– WAV, REX2 and AIFF (Apple Loops) Formats
Sets included:

Zenhiser – Drum Rolls And Fills – Trance-wav

Hot on the heels of “Drum Rolls & Fills Club” comes another incredible collection of exclusive and brand new drum rolls / fills from Zenhiser. Welcome to “Drum Rolls & Fills Trance”.

Constructed from the ground up with an amazing attention to detail these trance drum rolls once again supply a sample pack collection you never knew you needed, but guaranteed you will never be without of again. 215 brand new, never heard before trance drum rolls samples all crafted at 135 bpm and mastered to push peak levels to their maximum. This is the sample pack you will recall on every trance music production you create, simply drop one of the drum rolls or drum fills into your track and voila, you’ve got an awesome transition, build up or drop in seconds!

A lot of thought and time went into this sample pack making the benchmark for trance drum roll packs extremely high. You will not hear any boring bog standard 909 drum rolls in here, we’ve used slamming drum sounds and a multitude of outboard fx plus mastering to create some brand new excitement in the trance drum roll realm. We also decided to supply nearly all of our longer drum rolls without a volume fade up so you can simply choose your roll quickly and add the volume fade that is correct for your trance track. All our drum rolls have been sorted into three folders for ease of use, short to medium, long and fx, which means you can find your desired drum roll faster and with all at 135 bpm you have instant bpm recognition and the option to choose whether to use the drum rolls at their original speed or stretch to your desired bpm.

I know we like to tell you just how good Zenhiser samples are but this pack is simply awesome and something every trance producer should have in their sample library. Don’t forget to check out our “Rise & Fall FX” & “Ultimate Crash FX” sample packs for the perfect additions to this trance drum roll & drum fill library.

Zenhiser – Total Tech Tribal Drum Beats 02-wav

Zenhiser adds a new section to the tech beats shelves with ‘Total Tech Tribal Beats 01 & 02’. 240 tribal tech beats spanning two sample packs stacked full of tribal grooves and tech style.

These tech tribal beats are made for peak time fulfillment and an absolute must for all tech and tech house producers.

From tight and dark through to percussive and rolling ‘Total Tech Tribal Beats’ fuses tech sounds with tribal rhythms culminating in an astonishing collection of 24 bit drum beats that will max out your next tech house production or remix.

‘Total Tech Tribal Beats’ have been primed and mastered to both reck the competition and obliterate your studio chair due to an excessive rocking motion which can not be stopped whilst using these tribal tech drum beats.

Only the quality of the audio previews have been reduced. This download pack contains high quality 44.1 khz, 24 bit wav files

Zenhiser Extreme Sub Booms 01-wav

Every studio worldwide will have a selection of sub fx but every once in a while we need a new selection of sub booms to give our productions that little bit of sparkle and fullness. With this in mind we created ‘Extreme Sub Booms’.

125 brand spanking new sub booms and drops that will fit perfectly in your music productions. Designed from the ground up these sub booms and boom fx will push your speakers to their maximum and deliver that low end goodness. Be careful with your studio speakers and cans as these sub booms are really friggin subby and need to be treated with care!

‘Extreme Sub Booms’ is an essential piece of kit with 125 sub booms, sub drops and boom sound fx. Make your sampler happy and speakers shake with fear, buy ‘Extreme Sub Booms’ today!

This sample pack contains 44.1 khz 24 bit wav files.

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