Mega Tutorials vol. 036 [Torrent] [55.75 GB]

Ask Video Pro Tools 12 302 Dialog Editing For Film & TV TUTORiAL

EDMProd – EDM Foundations TUTORiAL

Groove3 Building a DAW Mix Template TUTORIAL

How to play Piano – Go from a BeginnerIntermediate to a Pro (Part 1) TUTORiAL

LYNDA Songwriting Techniques with Chords TUTORiAL

Producertech Jungle Production Fundamentals TUTORiAL

Producertech Martin Eyerer creates Tech House in Live TUTORiAL

Soundfreqs The Ultimate Alchemy Masterclass TUTORiAL

Udemy Band as Business, Musician as Entrepreneur TUTORiAL

Udemy Blues Guitar Lessons – From Texas To Carolina TUTORiAL

Udemy CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar Level 3 TUTORiAL

Udemy How to play Contemporary Piano TUTORiAL

Udemy Make Your First Hip Hop Track – For Fun and Profit TUTORiAL

Ask Video Buchla 101 The 200e Series Modules TUTORiAL

Ask Video Dance Music Masters 113 ATFC House Music TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Ask Video Maschine Jam FastTrack 101 Jam Essentials TUTORiAL

Ask Video Moog Sub 37 101- Master the Moog TUTORiAL

Ask Video Studio One 305 Mixing Pop-EDM TUTORiAL

Groove3 Improvising Know-How Modes TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Groove3 Logic Pro X Know-How Amp Designer TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Groove3 MASCHINE Know-How- The Basics TUTORiAL

Groove3 Mixing Pop Rock with Neutron TUTORiAL

Groove3 Reason 9 Beats Bootcamp TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Groove3 Stormdrum 3 Explained TUTORiAL

Groove3 Vocal Production Masterclass TUTORiAL

Lynda – Hip-Hop Vocal Production TUTORiAL

Lynda – Learning Audacity TUTORiAL

Lynda – Music Production Techniques and Concepts TUTORiAL

MacProVideo Logic Pro FastTrack 111 The Delay Reverb Plugins TUTORiAL

MacProVideo Logic Pro FastTrack 204 Scoring to Picture Toolbox TUTORiAL

macProVideo Pro Tools 12 100- Absolute Beginner’s Guide TUTORIAL

macProVideo Pro Tools 12 201- The Plug-Ins Explored TUTORiAL

MPC-Samples The MPC Touch Bible TUTORiAL

Producertech Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques TUTORiAL

Skillshare Side Guitar 101 TUTORiAL

Sonic Academy How To Make Disco House with Steve Mac TUTORiAL

Sonic Academy How To Use Form with Ksenija Ladic TUTORiAL

Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 25 with Jaytech TUTORiAL

Udemy Blues Guitar Lessons for Beginners- Chords, Rhythm and lead TUTORiAL

Udemy The Complete Introduction To Music Theory Course TUTORiAL

Udemy Ultimate Guide to Editing And Mixing Drums In Pro Tools TUTORiAL

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